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Suction Power: 7.5kPa
Vibration Frequency: 11000rpm/min
Run time: 20min
Noise: ≤82dB
Dust cup: 0.35L
Storage: Charging box
Mode: Suck+ Vibration + UV Sterilization
Accessories: None
NW: 1.6kg
Product size: 280*114*168mm
Warranty: 12 months

Throw away the power cord - Say goodbye to the long and heavy power cord, no need to find the socket, get rid of mites freely
Rotatable Handle - The mattresses and sofas that pets crawl over are where mites gather. You only need to rotate the handle gently to increase the cross-sectional area and eliminate mites without dead ends
Eliminate Mites by UV Light - 160mm upgraded width of UV quartz UV lamp, 253.7nm wavelength, sterilization rate reaches 99%. Destroy mites DNA directly, eliminate allergens.

MIDEA Cordless Mattress Vacuum Cleaner with UV Sanitiser

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